‘Tiger Woods is our first victim’

New York magazine has revealed that Tiger Woods has been the victim of a “cyberattack” on his brand.The magazine revealed that the golfer had been the target of a phishing scam which used the name “tigerwoods”, which has since been taken down.The article said the fraudster had used a fake email address to contact Woods.A


Face cosmetics coupon deals

You can get a 10% discount on Face cosmetics in Houston, Texas.Here’s how to do it.The discount applies to face creams, face wash, eye cream, lipsticks, and foundation.You’ll need to pay for your purchase of these products at the pump.The discount does not apply to the FaceCare and Cosmetics coupons you can find at the


When you wear a mascara, it’s all about how you look

Tobie Belle cosmetics has released a new mascara with a new formula that is said to make lashes look “perfectly natural” without the harsh chemical.The new mascara features a lightweight, silky formula that creates a “saturated finish”, but does not leave mascara flakes behind.The mascara also has an extra brush-style bristles, which are said to


When to use Botox in football

When it comes to playing football, the best thing you can do is stay away from Botox cosmetics, as it’s proven to be a serious side effect of football.As the name suggests, Botox is a cosmetic treatment that has been developed by dermatologists for the treatment of acne.The cosmetic treatment has also been applied to


‘Noisey’ interview with Salerm cosmetics founder

SPOILED cosmetics founder Salerm Cosmetics founder Salem Al-Tawali has given an interview to the UK’s ‘Noisy’ magazine. He spoke about the company’s foray into the cosmetics market and what he wants to see in the future.Al-Tawiali, who started the company as a result of the death of his father, said he is looking forward to launching


Why are Australians buying more makeup?

With the arrival of the Lunar New Year holiday, the number of Australians using cosmetics to enhance their appearance is on the rise, a report has found.The number of cosmetics purchases rose by 12.3 per cent from last year, reaching $6.4 billion in the three months to March.The jump in spending is partly attributed to


How to apply mascara, contouring, eyeliner, and blush for lashes

You’ve just found yourself in the mascara aisle of your local drugstore.The mascara will probably look similar to the ones you already own.But what you need is something different.You’ve heard the advice: don’t go overboard with the product, and don’t try to match your eye color.It’s easy to get carried away with this idea, says

How to Buy Cosmetic Coupons: Part 1

After years of looking for a new product or a product that does not perform as well as the one that I have been using for a while, I finally decided to get a makeup remover.For me, the price of this product was really high.The company that made this product, which was one of the

How to Use Lorac Cosmetics

It’s no secret that you need to use a mask for most of your day, but you might not realize how effective they can be until you’re really getting in the zone.Lorac’s newest line of makeup brushes, the Lorac Face Brush, is an ideal alternative.This is not your ordinary face brush.This thing has a built-in