A new way to remove dead skin: An eye doctor’s ‘beauty serum’


The latest in urban decay treatments for your eyes is coming to your local drugstore.

In a new product from the drugstore’s Beauty Dermatologist, you can get a powerful solution for removing dead skin.

The product, Beauty Derma Cream, is made up of three ingredients that are derived from the human hair, skin, and body.

It’s also made up from three oils: glycerin, oil, and lanolin.

The products are meant to penetrate and penetrate deeply into the dead skin, where the oil and glycerins penetrate deeply, helping to dissolve dead skin cells, as well as remove dead tissue.

The gel’s ingredients are also safe for use on your eyes. 

This new drugstore-approved, dermatologist-approved product is meant to be applied on your face and forehead.

According to the Drugstore Journal, the gel will be sold as a $20 treatment package that is packaged in a plastic tub. 

According to the company, the product works by delivering a concentrated mixture of the three ingredients into your skin and hair, removing dead cells. 

You will receive a 10-minute application on your forehead and your forehead. 

The product will cost $20 and will be available to buy on July 9. 

It’s important to note that the product does not work on people who have not yet received the new drug. 

There are many, many, different ways to treat dead skin and it’s important for you to find out the best one for you and your condition.

If you have more questions, you may want to contact a doctor or pharmacist, or visit the Urban Decay website for a prescription or a more in-depth information. 

Have you tried this new product?

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