How much does the TF2 engineer cosmetic cost?


It’s a question that has plagued TF2 players for years, and it appears it may have finally gotten an answer thanks to an update to the cosmetics vendor’s website.

As TF2’s cosmetic vendor, Fragrance Cosmetics has always been the go-to for cosmetic suppliers to stock their lines.

In this update, they’ve updated their site with a link to the TF3 Engineer Cosmetic, which they claim is “the first in the line of TF2 cosmetic items” from TF2.

The TF2 Engineer Cosmetic is currently priced at 9999 gold.

In addition, it also includes a new cosmetic line called “Profusion cosmetics” which include “Aurora” and “Chrysalis” cosmetics.

This marks the first time these two cosmetic lines have been available in the TF 2 Marketplace, although it’s not known whether they’ll be available in other regions.

While the cosmetics are currently only available for TF2 developers, we know they’re coming to other game titles as well, with the cosmetics coming to the game’s Steam store in October.

In an email sent to TF2 Community Manager Matt Hickey, Fragant said:The TF3 Engineering cosmetic was also recently updated, and will feature a new model with a “unique and more complex paint finish”.

As for its cost, it currently costs 10,000 gold, which is a hefty amount of gold for a cosmetics item.

Fragrance Cosmetic will continue to stock the TF1 Engineer Cosmetic and the TF6 Engineer Cosmetic for now, but in the near future, they’re planning to expand the cosmetics offerings with cosmetics for other game genres, such as Counter-Strike, Halo, and more.

If you’re interested in purchasing the cosmetics, head over to the Fragrance cosmetics website and follow the link to sign up for their newsletter.

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