How To Spend $50 On The Worst Hair Care Products You’ve Ever Seen


On Thursday, a jury awarded $5 million to a woman who claims her husband, an Army soldier, was fired because of his excessive, long-term hair care regimen.

The award to Krylie Star Cosmetics, an online retailer of hair care products, follows a similar verdict in December 2015 in which a jury found the company liable for $7.5 million in punitive damages, as well as the cost of compensating her husband for pain and suffering.

The jury awarded the widow, identified only as K., $8.5 for pain, suffering, and emotional distress, as assessed by an expert on pain and discomfort.

She was awarded $1.2 million for emotional distress and $2 million in compensatory damages, which include $7,500 for pain.

Star, who also sued the cosmetics company, said her husband was fired for being a “shy, shy little guy” who refused to shave his head for years.

K. told the jury in court papers that her husband had been shaving his head at least twice a week for at least a year.

She claimed he was told his hair looked fine until he started shaving his hair back.

She said he was also asked to go to his office at work, but didn’t like it.

She said she was told he needed a “more aggressive regimen.”


said her hair was getting long and thick and that it hurt when it was shaved.

She also said her head was getting red, irritated and dry and that she often found herself crying.

K., who lives in New York, also alleged that her hair had to be shorn twice a month, which meant her husband would have to use more shampoo than he normally would.

She had to stop shaving when he became depressed, she said.

K.’s husband had tried shaving the sides of his face and the top of his head, she alleged, but it was too painful.

K.-led the case in part because of her husband’s service in the Army and because she had been treated by a dermatologist at Fort Bragg.

She also alleged in court filings that she had suffered physical and psychological abuse, emotional distress as a result of her treatment, and lost her job because of the decision to fire her husband.

She alleged her husband spent about $400 a month on hair care, which included prescription and over-the-counter treatments.

Star also alleged her hair began to lose its natural oils and was being treated with chemicals, including some that she claims had a harmful effect on her health.

She alleged that some of the chemicals she had used for years were harmful and even addictive.

She claimed the products included creams that had chemicals called pyrrolizidine (PCE) in them that can cause serious skin and respiratory problems.

Star said she stopped using these creams after her husband began to experience severe skin problems and the pain that resulted.

Her husband died in 2010 at age 30 after a fall from a moving vehicle.

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