Apple’s ‘SmartGlass’ technology could help solve facial wrinkles


A new facial technology called ‘Smart Glass’ could be the answer to the problem of wrinkles and other wrinkles.

Apple is working on the SmartGlass system, which it says could help to improve facial wrinkles, and it is also testing it out in its Beauty app.

The company claims it can fix wrinkles by making facial expressions appear softer.

According to Apple, the Smart Glass is able to change the way the user looks by changing the angle of the eyes, the position of the nose and mouth, and even the angle at which the lips meet.

It claims to be able to detect changes in skin tone and also detect wrinkles, by tracking changes in the skin’s pH levels.

It says that it is able change the angle by adjusting the angle between the eye and the jaw.

Smart Glass, or ‘smart glasses’ is not new technology.

A number of companies have developed similar technology.

The technology is called ‘smartglasses’ and is also known as ‘face tracking’.

According to Forbes, the company has already received $3.8 million from the US Federal Trade Commission.

The company claims that it has been working on this technology for two years, and says it has already worked with many dermatologists, and has used the technology to improve the appearance of around 1.5 million people worldwide.

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