‘Cosmetic Tattoo’ sells out for $100,000


Cosmetic tattoo artist Bhavna Khandeshwar has sold out of his $100K tattoo.

He says he had a friend who had already tattooed a tattoo of a bear.

Now he is hoping to sell his tattoo of the world’s most famous bear to the highest bidder.

Khandleshwar, who specializes in tattooing and body art, has been tattooing the bear since the year 2000.

He claims to have sold out in less than 24 hours.

Khaitan Khandashwar says he has sold a tattoo from the world-famous bear in less that 24 hours, in less time than it took to get the tattoo.

Kheerashwar, whose real name is Bhavnayak, says he sold the tattoo of Gulliver’s Travels and The Lion King’s Black Beauty in less then 24 hours after posting the video.

The bear tattoo has become one of Khandishwar’s most popular items in his business.

The tattoo costs about $100 to produce.

Khemur Srinivas, a tattoo artist in South Africa, said that in less 24 hours of the sale, the bear had been tattooed more than two million times.

Srinas said he had sold a bear tattoo of The Lion Kings Black Beauty, the world famous one of the most famous tattoos in the world, to a buyer for $10,000.

Kheteshwar says the price tag of his bear tattoo is a joke, he did not sell a bear because he had no money to pay the tattoo artists fees.

He said that his tattoo artist, the man behind the tattoo, has sold his tattoo to the top bidder.

The seller has told Khaitashwar that he has received a large amount of money, about $200,000, he claims.


The buyer says that his buyer, a Chinese man, has given him an order for about $20,000 to make the tattoo as well.

The man says he was told to make sure that the tattoo artist would finish it and it would be a successful tattoo.

Sreenivas said he did the tattoo with a machine that is meant to be machine-assisted.

He used a machine to cut out the tattoos, and then he painted the bear skin.

K Handeshwar, the artist who created the bear tattoo, is not sure whether his tattoo will ever become popular in India.

He thinks the price is very high, because the tattoo is very popular in China, he said.

I don’t know if it will ever be popular here.


I have a tattoo on my leg, and I do not like tattoos, Khaiton said.

“People like tattoos.

They like it in India because we have so many different ways of tattooing.

I like tattoos on my body.

I also like tattoos in my hands, because they have an impact on my health and life,” Khaite said.

Khartishshwar says that he does not regret selling the bear’s tattoo.

“I would have sold it, but I have done something very bad.

I had to take the tattoo away, and the people in my family have been hurt by it,” KhandESHWAR said.

He told me that the people that have seen the tattoo have been very happy, Khandreshwar said.

If the tattoo gets popular, he would be very happy about it.

He did not know what kind of impact the tattoo has had on the buyer.

Khteshwar is currently tattooing a tattoo with the bear.

He plans to do another tattoo with other animals, like lions and tigers, and more, but said he will not make a tattoo out of tigers.

He hopes to sell the bear to a person who is interested in it.

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