How to create your perfect nail polish using this nail art tool


This is the nail art tutorial you’ve been looking for.

We’ve taken our favourite nail polish brands and tweaked their nail art technique to make it more palatable for everyone.

It’s an all-in-one manicure kit that will give you nail polish in seconds, but it’s also a quick way to create an impressive and permanent nail art effect.

Here’s how: Start by brushing a few layers of nail polish on your nails with a manicure brush.

We used a brush made from an old pair of scissors, but you can also use your own finger nails to create the look.

Once you’ve got the nail polish layered, take your nail art brush and place it in your crease.

You should be able to see a dot in the centre of your nail.

Next, apply a little of your favourite nail color to the dot.

You’ll see the nail brush disappear from your nail and the color pop up in the crease, just like a nail art stamp.

Repeat the process until you’ve finished the whole kit.

How to apply nail art with a nail brush Make sure you’re applying your nail polish evenly and without a streak.

We’re not here to judge, but if you’ve already used a nail polish brush for a while, it might be difficult to get the perfect placement on your nail, so try and apply a layer or two at a time.

Then brush off any excess with a soft brush.

Apply a layer of nail paint with the brush you just used.

Then, apply another layer to the same spot with your finger.

Apply the final layer with your fingernail.

We hope this guide has made your nail work a little easier.

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