What to know about Chanel cosmetics, the new cosmetics line from chanels


Chanel Cosmetics is launching a new cosmetics range in India on Monday.

The company says the new range, Chanel Midsummer, will be launched in mid-July in three cities.

The range will feature products from its most popular line: Chanel Creme de Menthe, Chanels Lace and Chanel Lipstick.

According to Chanel, the range will be available at select stores in India starting at Rs. 29,990.

The price is lower than the current retail price of Rs. 59,990 for the line, which will be sold exclusively at retailers.

The new line will be introduced at a time when India is witnessing a new wave of beauty trend of trendsetting celebrities, fashion icons and fashion designers.

The first line of Chanel products was launched in 2012, and its flagship range, the Creme des Menthe line, has been a major success.

The Creme Des Menthe range was launched by Chanel with the help of a $2.4 billion investment.

The brand is widely known for its innovative makeup, and Chanels Creme Midsummer has been one of the hottest launches ever for the brand.

Chanel is expected to roll out another new cosmetics product in India, the Lace range, which it will release later this year.

The Chanel company has already launched a range of products for women, which have been welcomed by the Indian consumer.

Its Midsumer line includes lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and more.

In India, Chanellos products have also been praised for their affordability.

The Indian consumers have been very appreciative of the high-quality products offered by the brand, which is now available for the entire country.