Why do you need to use ritual cosmetics to remove makeup?


A new study shows that many rituals may be doing the opposite of what they claim to be.

In the latest study, researchers found that people who have a ritual of removing makeup from their face often did so in an attempt to remove it from the face, instead of trying to get rid of the makeup altogether.

“These people are using these rituals to try to remove their makeup without using a lot of makeup at all,” says lead researcher Ramiro Marroquin, an assistant professor of psychology at Northeastern University.

In addition, the study found that when people who had rituals of removing their makeup were asked to describe the process of removing it, they often used terms such as “removing makeup,” “cleaning” and “shampooing.”

In addition to these terms, the researchers also asked people to describe their ritual as “focusing” or “clearing.”

“The people who are focusing on cleaning their face, they’re focusing on removing makeup and then cleaning the face,” Marroquin says.

“The people that are cleaning their hair are focusing, too, but then they’re using this process to remove the makeup, not trying to remove anything.”

When asked if the people who were using ritual cosmetics were focusing on the process or not, the average response was “not really focused on.”

Researchers say that although these rituals may seem like the best way to remove or clean your makeup, they may actually make things worse.

“It’s not as good as a cleansing,” Marrow-O’Connor says.

“You’re removing makeup, and then you’re not really cleaning it, but you’re getting the makeup off your face,” she says.

Marroquin says that when it comes to rituals, it’s important to remember that there are many different ways to remove your makeup without actually removing it.

“There are things you can do with your face that don’t have to be done in a ritual,” Marrooquin says.

For example, a person can put a face scrubber on their face and use a scrub brush to scrub their face.

Or they can use a product like a mask and a sponge to remove all of the mascara.

The products may seem simple, but they’re actually pretty harmful to your skin and can even damage your skin.

“If you’re trying to eliminate makeup, but are using this mask, it could actually be damaging to your face because it’s actually removing the mask off of your face, and that’s not the best thing,” Marroe-O’tConnor says

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