Why you should never wear naked cosmetics


Naked cosmetics are no longer considered cosmetic, but some have become an online trend, sparking an outcry among people who claim they are not as safe as other products.

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A lot of people claim they have never used mint in their life, and the first time they did was a few years ago when they bought a mint coloured mascara at a flea market. 

However, the claim was soon debunked, and mint mascaras have since been banned in most countries.

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Many people believe they can get their hands on a dandelion flower for less than a buck at a drugstore.

However, there is a very real risk it could have dangerous levels of mercury, a neurotoxin that can cause developmental problems.

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If you’re a coffee drinker, you know that coffee contains a chemical known as theobromine, which can increase the risk of cancer.

However a study published in the British Medical Journal in February showed that coffee drinkers had a 50 per cent lower risk of colorectal cancer than non-coffee drinkers, even after taking other risk factors into account.

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You know that tea is a great drink, right?

You don’t need to drink a cup a day to have great health benefits, but a cup can be surprisingly healthful if you use a mug with the right kind of leaves and spices.

A recent study showed that people who drank two or more cups of tea per day had a 33 per cent reduced risk of coronary heart disease than those who drank one cup a week.

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When you buy milk, it’s usually fortified with calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12, and these nutrients help to prevent tooth decay and the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth.

It’s also full of protein, which has been linked to a reduced risk in cancer.

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These little pink things are great for you, but they can also pack a serious health risk if you eat them too often.

A study published last year in the journal Nutrition found that consuming one serving of cooked prawns per day was associated with a 20 per cent increased risk of stomach cancer.

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Macaroni and cheese. 

This cheesy treat, made from a mix of grated cheese, tomato sauce, red wine vinegar, olive oil and olive oil, is packed with protein, fibre and other nutrients that could be useful in weight loss.

However it is also loaded with calories, and one study found that a serving of mashed macaroni cheese a day could increase the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes by 47 per cent.

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It’s a good source of protein and fibre, but spinach also contains sulforaphane, a chemical that can damage the lining of the blood vessels and lead to heart disease and strokes.

A single serving of a cooked spinach salad a day was linked to 41 per cent less risk of developing stroke than a person who only ate half their daily calories.

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Tomato sauce. 

Some people think it’s good for you to avoid tomatoes altogether, but research shows that eating too much tomato can actually be bad for you.

A study published by the American Cancer Society in April found that those who ate at least two portions of tomato sauce a day had higher levels of the chemical linked to colon cancer than those whose only tomato consumption came from salad dressing.10/10 1. 

Chicken soup. 

One of the healthiest and least processed foods around, chicken soup is packed full of vitamins and minerals, and has been shown to help reduce the risk for colore-cter-rectal cancer.

The main health benefits are that it contains a number of phytochemicals, which include lycopene, the antioxidant lycopidine, vitamin B6, vitamin C and selenium.

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“It’s not a bad idea to try to incorporate as much healthy fats into your diet as possible,” said Dr Paul McCartney.

“If you have lots of red meat in your diet, try adding some olive oil or bacon to it.” 

He added that some vegetables such as spinach are good sources of fibre too.

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A recent study published online in the New England Journal of Medicine found that coffee consumers had a lower risk than non toasters of colitis and colon cancer.

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If you drink tea, you might be surprised to learn that it has been associated with lower

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