Beauty industry faces new scrutiny


LA (Reuters) – In a sign that some of the biggest companies in the cosmetics industry are stepping up scrutiny of their suppliers, an independent panel on Tuesday said they had been caught red-handed selling the same ingredients in cosmetics products made by three different companies.

A panel of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday recommended that companies pay for research on ingredients and packaging that is crucial to the safety of their products and should include mandatory disclosure of those that are not.FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, in a statement, said in a letter to industry representatives that the panel’s findings show “that there is a lack of transparency about the ingredients and how they are manufactured in the U and U.K.”

The panel also said the companies involved were not required to pay for the research and disclosure.

The panel said the ingredients were not tested in a controlled environment, so they were not subject to a safety testing regime, which is a key requirement for manufacturers to sell products made in the United States and the U, UK and Europe.

“The panel has received reports from several manufacturers of cosmetics containing ingredients that were not approved for use in the European Union,” the FDA said in the letter.

The companies involved are LaFace Cosmetics, Cosmetics Definition, which manufactures the popular LaFace and Lace products; LaFace Cosmetic, which makes LaFace, Lace, Porefessional, and Skin Perfecting masks; and Skin Definition, the maker of Skin Perfect, LaFace Perfect and LaFace Lace masks.

LaFace Cosmetic did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Laface Cosmetic did not disclose how many masks are sold, or what the ingredients are.

It said in its statement that the safety testing process for the ingredients is conducted independently and is not influenced by marketing pressure from any of the companies.

It is part of the company’s commitment to make sure all ingredients used in our products are safe, according to its website.

La Face Cosmetic said in an emailed statement that it is a leader in the global beauty industry, and our products meet the stringent requirements for safety testing that are in place for all cosmetic ingredients used globally.

“The FDA said it is investigating the complaints and said it will take appropriate action if it deems them warranted.

In addition to LaFace cosmetics, the panel also recommended that Cosmetics definition make changes to its products to reduce their packaging, including the packaging of the products containing the same ingredient in different colours.

La Beauty Cosmetics did not respond to requests for comment about the panel.

In its statement, Cosmetica said it has long had a strict safety testing programme, but that we have seen a trend of consumers not fully understanding the safety and efficacy of our products.”

As we continue to strengthen our safety testing and transparency programme, we will continue to be proactive in ensuring that our products continue to meet the highest standards,” the statement said.

The agency said the products contained ingredients that have been shown to cause allergic reactions in animals.

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