How to avoid a nasty new trend?


We’re not sure if it’s a new trend, or just a trend in the cosmetics industry, but cosmetics entrepreneur and entrepreneur-turned-brand ambassador Kelly Goss has been talking up her new venture, “Loveshadow,” a product she hopes will be an extension of the company’s previous cosmetics line, The Beauty Company, which she co-founded in 2008.

While the new product is still a bit of a “concept” for now, Goss told Polygon that the focus on creating new products is “a really good move on our part.”

Goss says she started the company to create a brand and “make more money.”

She plans to launch her new line in mid-2019, she told Polygons’ Christina C. Anderson.

“I’m not sure when I’ll be able to open up a store, but it’s going to be a great way to grow the business,” Goss said.

The new line will be made up of four products: a new lipstick and lip tint, a cream lipstick, a liquid lipstick, and a powder lipstick.

She told Polygram that the formula will be “pretty limited,” but will be a “really fun formula” that will give “people a ton of choice.”

The beauty brand will also focus on providing “beauty to the next generation,” she added.

“It will be really good for our brand and the next decade, because it’ll help us expand into more products,” she said.

It’s the kind of thing that’s going be very interesting to watch, Giss said, “because it’s so young, so new, and people are really passionate about cosmetics.

They’re not just interested in cosmetics, they want to create their own cosmetics.”

Gains has spent her entire career in the beauty industry, and in her new role, she hopes to create “a brand that can really change the world.”

Her new venture will offer a variety of products, but she also hopes to “make it a more accessible and fun way for people to experience their own skin.”

Gross’ new company, The Skin Care Company, launched in March 2019 and has already been signed on to a slew of new deals, including a partnership with Hello Waffle and Urban Decay to produce a line of products that will be sold in stores.

She also recently secured a $20 million round from the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, which was backed by the likes of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Google’s Eric Schmidt.

She said she hopes the company will help make “beauties accessible to people who may not be able or want to spend a lot of money.”