La Girl Cosmetics Grinch, It Reviews the New Kylie Cosmetics product, but the Problem Is Its Price


On Aug. 5, 2016, La Girl cosmetics, a Chinese cosmetics company, launched a $60 beauty product.

But the price tag wasn’t all that surprising, as La Girl is owned by China’s largest cosmetics company.

The product was the most expensive product to launch for La Girl in 2017, and the company didn’t mention any of that to customers.

But when asked about the company’s new beauty products, La Girls co-founder Li Shufeng explained to the Wall Street Journal that La Girl had to spend a lot of money to produce the product.

In the same article, Li explained that the company had to be “creative” and “creating” and that the product “had to be affordable,” according to the WSJ.

The WSJ reported that the brand’s sales have declined in 2017 as consumers have moved away from the brand and its products.

The Wall Street News also reported that LaGirl has been criticized for its product prices, which have increased in 2017 due to the Chinese government’s crackdown on counterfeit cosmetics.

The company told the Wall Streets Journal that its sales declined because the price of the product was “too high.”

La Girl also said that its products are not for everyone.

“The market is so large and diverse,” Li said in the WSG article.

“If people can’t afford to spend money, they will not purchase it.

So the market will never be stable.”

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