What to look for in new indie makeup brands


Glisten Cosmetics has recently added new products to their line-up.

Their new beauty brand “Glam Glist” is the latest addition to their beauty collection.

The brand is available in four sizes ranging from a small size (6 mL) to a full size (8 mL).

Their eye shadows are made of the same high quality pigments used in the products they sell.

The eyeliners, eyeshadows, and lip glosses in the range are also made of high quality ingredients and are the same as the brands they sell in the US. 

Glamglist eye shadows:  Glycolic Acid-Free Eye Shadow in ‘Glam’ (a shade that glows in the dark) Glu-Gly Alcohol-Free Lipstick in ‘Tori’ Boris Cosmetics’ ‘Lipgloss’ is a shimmering lip gloss in ‘Lion’ (black) Boris Cosmetics is also introducing a new brand, Boris’ “Ultra Cosmetics”.

The brand has the same pigments as the brand they sell their products in, but they also have an updated formula and color palettes. 

Borbis Ultra Cosmetics eye shadow palette: The new formula for BORIS’ “Lipstick” in ‘The Lion’ I love the formula for “Lion” (black).

I found that the formula had the best color payoff I’ve ever experienced on a lip balm.

I love the rich color, and the matte finish gives the lip balms a smooth and silky texture. 

“The Lion” is a very matte, satiny matte with a slight metallic finish.

The texture is silky smooth and I love that it dries to a matte finish. 

The texture on this lipstick is a nice medium brown with subtle, medium blue shimmer.

It’s a very light, shimmery lip balme with some soft, slightly golden undertones. 

I’m really happy with this product and am looking forward to trying out the rest of the range. 

Lion Lipstick: This is a lovely, shimmering matte that has a lovely matte finish and a satiny, golden sheen.

It has a slight golden shimmer in the center and it has a soft, smooth texture that is soft, blendable, and easy to blend out. 

This formula is a bit sheer but not too sheer for my lips.

I think it’s a good value considering how well it blends. 

 The color on this shade is pretty neutral and it driishes down to a cool, shimmer. 

Overall, I’m really pleased with the new BORIUS products.

They’re more than worth the price. 

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