What you need to know about the fallout from Tarte’s recall


TARTE cosmetics is recalling about 2 million of its Cosmeceuticals cosmetics, according to a statement released Monday by the company.

The recall is for Tarte Cosmecesuals products that were sold from July 12, 2016, through August 3, 2017, the company said.

The products were sold in more than 3,000 stores nationwide, the statement said.

Tarte has sold the Cosmeciences products for about two years, and the company says the products have been cleared for sales, but the recall is a result of the recall.

Tarte has not yet determined the cause of the problems.

The Cosmeccuticals products are being recalled in all Tarte cosmetics stores and online.

The company says customers should return the products to the stores where they were purchased and should contact a Tarte store for further instructions.