You Can Get A Biggest Cosmetic Acupuncture Massage Now For Less Than $1.50


The beauty industry has been struggling for years with its inability to compete with the rising popularity of massages and other treatments that offer massages for less than $1 a session.

However, it’s finally starting to find a big payday.

Now, you can get a big, full-body massage for less that $1 in some states.

In some states, the massage is free, according to a Mashable story.

The New York Times reports that a new company called Melt cosmetics is offering a $1 massage for $29.99 in New York.

It’s the first full-blown massage to be offered in the city in a while, the Times says.

The company’s website claims that it’s the “first massage in the country for less, for the lower price of a bottle of shampoo or a glass of milk.”

It’s currently only available in New Jersey, but Melt’s other products are being rolled out in other states as well.

It also offers a $49.99 massage for one hour, which is still quite pricey for a massage.

You can also get a full-length massage for about $49, and you can also order a large, full length massage for around $79.99.

Melt, which was founded by two women, has already attracted criticism for its prices.

However the company recently began charging for the entire massage, not just the full body massage.

The massage is designed to give a sense of well-being, the company said in a statement.

It comes in a variety of sizes, from the $29 one-hour massage for a woman to the $49 one-and-a-half hour massage for someone with a bigger back or chest.

Mention of “free massages” on the website is a nod to the company’s motto: “A Whole New World of Massage.”

The Massage Massage for Less is available now at Melt cosmetics and at the brand’s other sites.