‘I Love My Hair’ Cosmetics and Dentistry Grant Winners


“I Love my Hair” cosmetics and dentistry grant winners were announced on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Winners were announced by makeup artist and celebrity stylist Jessica Eriquez, actress Jessica Biel, and makeup artist-designer Laura Perna.

The awards, which were first announced in September, are a nod to the many fans who have donated to Eriqos foundation.

Eriquos foundation, which aims to make cosmetic dentistry a reality for women, was founded by Eriqs father, who was a dentist.

Eryquos Foundation has a goal to make up to 2 million teeth and face creams a year, according to Eria.

The foundation has raised $2 million for cancer research, according Eriquinas website.

Eriques foundation also recently partnered with celebrity stylists Laura Parnas and Lina Pernas, who recently won beauty awards at the Essence Awards in New York City.

Eryques first foundation, Eryquinas Foundation, was launched in 2010, and the brand quickly expanded into other categories, including cosmetics and hair products.

In 2013, the company launched a line of moisturizing products and a line that uses ingredients like rosemary, eucalyptus, and sage for its skin care.

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