The ‘Pillow Fight’ Is Back Again! A Trump supporter is caught in a ‘PILLOW FIGHT’


The ‘pillow fight’ is back in the news again.

The president of the National Pillow Fight Association, which was founded by a man named Steve, claims that the President of the United States is attempting to use it to gain political power.

The organization was created after the president asked his daughters, Ivanka, and Tiffany to help him build a wall between his house and the White House.

The White House said the president is “not trying to undermine the integrity of our nation.”

Steve says that’s all BS.

The pillow fight is the president’s attempt to get people to stand up for him when he’s having a tough time and he wants them to stand in solidarity with him.

It’s actually not a pillow fight.

It just means people are being pilloried for wearing something inappropriate and being offended by it, because the president said so.

There are no pillows involved.

It could be that the president was being pilloryed for having a pillow in his house.

It might be that Ivanka and Tiffany just want to be taken seriously by everyone.

The pillows are being a distraction and a distraction is the most effective way to distract from the real issues at hand.

And they are all being pillored.

It doesn’t matter if the president has a pillow on his lap.

The President of Pillow Fighter Association, Steve, is in the White Street Hotel in Washington, DC, in the middle of his pillow fight with the president. — Dan Abrams (@DanAbrams) December 11, 2018 “It’s a distraction,” Steve says of the president wearing a pillow.

“People are getting pilloried and they are going to be pilloried on their own behalf.

And that’s the best way to go about it.”

This is all happening in the midst of President Donald Trump’s presidency, where he’s been pilloried with threats and threats of impeachment and obstruction.

In his first days in office, the president called on Americans to fight back against the “deep state.”

Trump’s own daughter, Ivanka Trump, has been pillorying Trump critics with her own pillory.

She’s already been pillored for wearing a “make America great again” hat.

She recently tweeted, “We need to fight for what we believe in, which is our country.”

Ivanka Trump has also tweeted, in response to the president being pillORYed, that she’s not sure “what the president of pillORYing is talking about.”

Ivanka also tweeted that she hasn’t “heard any details about his pillORY” on this issue, but she’s “trying to stay on top of things.”

In fact, Ivanka said she’d be happy to “share more about this pillORY if the WH makes me feel comfortable.”

Ivanka has been the target of numerous threats and even threats of assassination in her public life.

When the president ordered the assassination of a man with a Russian visa, the White Houses spokesperson denied there was anything to that claim.

When Ivanka was the target for a tweet about a fake tweet that she posted about a woman who had a fake abortion, she said she “didn’t make it up.”

And when she was pillORY by President Donald J. Trump, the National Security Council issued a statement saying that the threats and pillORYs are all “beneath the dignity of the office” and that the “principles of the Presidency are to protect the dignity and well-being of the President, his family, and the nation.”

They also called on the president to be “resolute and forthright.”

They say, “The president’s public statements and actions regarding the pillORY and pillorys should be in keeping with the principles of the presidency.”

The president also has pillORY’d the families of fallen soldiers and police officers.

The National Guard has pilloried soldiers for being “foolish,” and Trump has pillORED the families for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

And when the president went after the mother of a fallen soldier, he was pilloried by his own wife.

Ivanka tweeted this out on Friday, saying that she thinks the president pillORYS her and she has to be accountable for her actions.

Steve is not sure whether Ivanka and Ivanka are pillORYING him or whether she just wants to be heard and not pillORYED.

He’s calling on people to “stand up for what you believe in” and for “the dignity of our country” when they’re being pillORized.

The Trump administration’s pillORY has been getting some attention lately.

On Friday, Ivanka tweeted, “@WhiteHouse: Trump has claimed he has pillORIED women who wear pajamas during White House ceremonies.

I think he means pillORIDED by women who are in dresses or other revealing outfits.

— Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) December 12, 2018 It’s all part of the pillow fight and the pillow