The Secret History of the Perfect Color Palette


The beauty industry has always had a reputation for producing great colors, and the trend has certainly taken off.

But in 2017, a new trend emerged: people are using more of a color-neutral palette, one that’s built on the foundation of pure, natural beauty.

According to a new report from The Atlantic, beauty brands are experimenting with a new, non-hormonal color formula that’s actually a lot easier to use.

Instead of a lotion or a tint, the new formula consists of a mix of two ingredients: a “light” color, which contains less pigments, and a “medium” color that is more pigmented.

That combination, called a “natural color,” can work for many different skin types and skin tones.

For example, a “tinted” version is a mixture of a light shade and a darker shade.

(A tinted color is a shade that doesn’t show through the skin.)

In 2017, brands such as MAC, Estee Lauder, and Lancome used the formula to give the skin a natural glow.

This formula, they said, was the first that used the base ingredients in an organic formula without the use of any artificial ingredients.

This means that the formula itself isn’t as harsh or irritating as a lotions and tints, but the results aren’t as good as using a lot of artificial ingredients, says Laura Mccurdy, a senior product marketing consultant at Estee.

The beauty brand Estee, for example, also tested the new color formula, and they were impressed with the results: “It has really improved the appearance of the skin, as it has the ability to absorb and retain more product, and as a result the skin is smoother, softer, and less pigmented.” 

The results were not always pretty.

A test by Estee showed that the new colors didn’t give as much coverage as other natural shades.

However, this was offset by the fact that the formulas were more neutral than they could be.

“There are two things that are really important with natural color: lightness and coverage,” says Mccurdy.

“If you’re using an artificial color, you’re going to get coverage that’s a lot less than if you’re not using a natural color.

But if you use a natural shade, you’ll get coverage.” 

“We were really impressed with Estee’s response to this,” says Melissa McConville, a cofounder and executive creative director of Estee at the time.

“We were excited to see that they were using this formula to really show off their skin.

But when we tested it, the skin didn’t feel like it was fully covered, which is a big issue for a lot people.” 

But when it came to applying it, these new natural colors were pretty amazing.

The new formula works well on most skin types, even on the very young.

And the new formulas have a very smooth, soft feel, which helps with application.

“The formula is soft, it’s lightweight, it doesn’t feel sticky, it has a smooth feel, and you’re able to really glide the product on the skin,” says McConvilles. 

“It really has this natural feel, where it’s really not a lot like a loting product, where you’re putting your fingers over it, and then you’re just getting that feeling of being on a roller coaster.” 

And the new makeup look is just awesome.

“You’re able, if you have the skin that you want, to put on this formula without having to make any mistakes,” says McDuffles.

“It’s super easy to apply and it doesn`t have that tacky feeling, or that sticky feeling of it having to be put on.” 

If you want to try the new beauty formulas, you can get the full report here.