The top ten beauty products of 2017


The top five products in 2017: Top ten beauty items of 2017 1. 

Nivea Beauty Serum in Rose Gold 2. 

Bacalera Cream in Pomegranate 3. 

Sephora Cosmetics in Black 4. Tarte 5. Poppy 6. 

L’Oreal 7. Almay 8. Ella Vita 9. 

MAC Cosmetics 10. 

Kylie Cosmetics Top 10 Beauty Products of 2017 : Top 5 products of 2016 : 1 . 

BACALERA Cream in Rose Red 2.

Sephora 3 . 

Nail Polish in Taupe 4. L’Olivier 5 . 

Klue Cosmetics – Baked Oatmeal Cream 6 . 

Almond Rose 7 . 

Lana Del Rey – Lipstick in Blue 8 . 

Sephloe & L’Oréal 9 . MAC 10 . 

Tartus Top 5 cosmetics of 2016 1  Korean beauty brand L’OMORE is set to launch a new line of cosmetics, which will include new lipsticks, eyeliners, and eye creams.

This year, the company plans to introduce three new products, which it will launch in the coming months.

The first new product is Luv’n Luv’, a new lilac eye cream. 

The other new products will be Lavender Eye and Lilac Eye Tinted. 

 Livestream the launch of Lumina in L’Amour below: LIVESTREAM LUMINA TOTAL COST $99.99 (Rs.

1,499) Available in 3,000ml bottles, the new Lumo lifts the lid on a fresh, luscious facial cream that is delivered in a frozen bottle. 

It is a beauty-forward frosted gel formula that gives you full coverage on your cheeks, lips, and brow bone. 

Its lip-safe and hydrating coverage can be worn alone or blended with any other liquid lip balm. Available for $29.99, Luminia is a totally-translucent pink lip color that is made up of a soft, light pink sheen. 

With its mixed shades of green, purple, and orange, it’s a natural color that can be used in all day glasses, lips and makeup. 

While it is available in limited quantities at Lumi’s retail stores, the lamp in the tube is available for a lower cost price of $7.99.

Lumi also launched Lolita Lashes a new trendy lip gloss in the second week of December, 2017. 

(Read more about Loli here) LOLITA LASH POWER LIGHT $11.99 (Rs 1,449)  Available at Lumi’s flagship store at Rs. 5,500, this new fuzzy fudge is a rich and creamy formula with a matte finish that gives it a matte sheen.

It is also available for only Rs. 25. 

Coco Lipgloss in Pomegranite (L) $10.99 (Rs.

29) (See full review) This is the third new lip gloss for Lumi, which was launching POMG in March, 2017 and Kochi in May, 2017, respectively. 

However, Pomg has a price cut of Rs. 2,000 from Rs 6,000 in each of the last two years. “Kochiyas Luxury Gloss is an essential make up for women who want to feel natural without glowing their lips with their fingers,” Lomi said. 

We are delighted that Loko has chosen to take Pomerania to the next level. 

If youre ready to have fun in your makeup and love to wear beautiful lips, Cochineal will be a must-have for you.

Top 10 Beauty Products of 2017 Top Five Beauty Products in 2017 :