When you’re looking for new makeup, look no further than Morphe cosmetics


It’s the perfect summertime beauty ritual, and with the help of Morphe Cosmetics, you can have your makeup done on your own in just minutes. 

Morphe Cosmetics are an all-natural makeup brand with a range of products ranging from hair care to eye and skin care to skin care and even cosmetics for the eyes and scalp. 

You can choose from a range the latest in makeup, face and skin and they’ll send you a customised beauty box to help make your day a bit more memorable. 

Check out some of the highlights from their latest offering: Lipstick, Nail Polish, Blush & Lips, Makeup Pencils & Lashes, Eye Shadow & Bronzer The company says that its makeup has been scientifically tested and has been approved for use by the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration and UK dermatologists. 

Its lip balm is also a product of its own making, and is an all natural alternative to regular lipsticks, according to Morphe’s website. 

For a more luxurious product, you could also choose from Nail Polish and Blush & Lip. 

These are all available at Morphe Cosmetics in London, and you can buy from their shop here .

More stories from the UK and around the world: British fashion blogger and model Nana Lee was inspired to create her own mascara and nail polish after discovering it was possible to buy makeup online without having to spend much money. 

Lee said she was inspired by the fact that people would sometimes go to buy cosmetics online and that it was easy to find them, but that she felt like people were being misled by online retailers. 

‘I wanted to create something more affordable and easy to use.

It also gives you a way to show off your natural beauty in a more creative way’ ‘You have to be creative’ Lee started using the company’s online makeup and beauty products in 2014. 

She started by applying her own makeup using her own product and using their online nail polish to add some colour and sparkle. 

Now she says her favourite product is their Naked Cosmetics makeup brush. 

 Lee, who has two children, is keen to inspire people to create their own makeup. 

“I wanted it to be more affordable, easy to buy and more creative,” she said. 

I love that it is very easy to get creative with makeup, especially if you have a family or friends with a DIY aesthetic. 

Her latest venture is Nailed Cosmetics , a line of makeup brushes, manicure sticks, eyeliners and other eye shadow and mascara products. Read more ‘We are more than cosmetics’ It all started with Lee, who said she had been using the products online and never thought they would be used by others. 

In 2017, Lee bought her first brush at the Cosmetics Store in Glasgow and said she has been using it ever since. 

Nails and eyeshadow can also be purchased online and are made from materials that are certified organic, organic, and cruelty free. 

The UK’s first ever cosmetics retailer Mosaic opened in March 2018, and has since expanded to include other beauty and nail care brands, including Glamour Girl and Shampoo & Conditioner. 

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