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A couple weeks ago, we revealed that cosmetics retailer Elcie Cosmetics was working on a facial cleanser, but this week we learned that the brand is working on another cleanser as well.

The company released a video today that shows off the new cleanser that is supposed to be out in a few months, but it is still a long way from hitting shelves.

The new cleansers, according to the video, will be available at Elcies retail locations.

They are described as “creamy and creamy-tart cleansers with an intense, creamy texture that’s designed to be gentle on the skin.”

In other words, it’s supposed to cleanse your face but it’s also supposed to have a “creamier texture than most of the cleansers we’ve tested,” which are supposed to feel more “cream-like.”

The product is supposed “to help with breakouts, acne, and fine lines.”

Elcieras founder and CEO Elissa Noyes also says the brand has been testing a lot of new cleanses recently.

The brand is hoping to release a new cleansermone within the next few months.

We also have to note that it is not clear whether these cleansers are being sold exclusively in the US or whether they will be sold in Canada as well, or whether it will be distributed across the world.

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Image: Elcio Cosmetics via YouTube