When you wear a mascara, it’s all about how you look


Tobie Belle cosmetics has released a new mascara with a new formula that is said to make lashes look “perfectly natural” without the harsh chemical.

The new mascara features a lightweight, silky formula that creates a “saturated finish”, but does not leave mascara flakes behind.

The mascara also has an extra brush-style bristles, which are said to create a “fancy, luxurious, and dramatic look”.

The formula is said by Tobie to be “totally vegan” and “100 per cent cruelty-free”.

It’s one of a number of “beauty-in-a-bottle” products to hit the shelves in Australia over the next few months, and it comes as Tobie is expanding in the U.S.

This is the first mascara to be available to Australians under a $35,000 “Made In The USA” cosmetics purchase.

Tobie Belle has also been developing an online store, and has launched a “Beauty In A Bottle” campaign to encourage Australians to spend more money on beauty products.

The company’s new mascara has been a hit with Australian women.

According to The Age, the brand’s “beautys in a bottle” line is being sold at “more than 600 retailers across Australia” and is expected to be sold by March 1.

Tori Belle cosmetics is also expanding its range of beauty products in the United States.