‘Tiger Woods is our first victim’

New York magazine has revealed that Tiger Woods has been the victim of a “cyberattack” on his brand.The magazine revealed that the golfer had been the target of a phishing scam which used the name “tigerwoods”, which has since been taken down.The article said the fraudster had used a fake email address to contact Woods.A

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Why are Australians buying more makeup?

With the arrival of the Lunar New Year holiday, the number of Australians using cosmetics to enhance their appearance is on the rise, a report has found.The number of cosmetics purchases rose by 12.3 per cent from last year, reaching $6.4 billion in the three months to March.The jump in spending is partly attributed to

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The best way to stop wearing mascara for two weeks

What’s the best way of stopping your lashes from falling out?I’m not sure if it’s to apply a mascara, a moisturizer, or an eye cream.What if you need to wear a mascara for a while?We’re all about keeping our lashes in place and keeping them looking amazing!If you’re already prone to lashes falling out, there’s

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How to stop your acne: A guide

A dermatologist and a chemist have come up with a simple and effective way to stop acne.Read moreRead moreI used to be obsessed with acne triggers and triggers that triggered it.I wanted to go to therapy every time I saw a pimple or a rash on my arm, but I was afraid of my own

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Why do you need to use ritual cosmetics to remove makeup?

A new study shows that many rituals may be doing the opposite of what they claim to be.In the latest study, researchers found that people who have a ritual of removing makeup from their face often did so in an attempt to remove it from the face, instead of trying to get rid of the

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How To Spend $50 On The Worst Hair Care Products You’ve Ever Seen

On Thursday, a jury awarded $5 million to a woman who claims her husband, an Army soldier, was fired because of his excessive, long-term hair care regimen.The award to Krylie Star Cosmetics, an online retailer of hair care products, follows a similar verdict in December 2015 in which a jury found the company liable for